Lori R.

"Leslie is an inspiring example of what happens when you follow and teach others about self-care and a healthy lifestyle. She is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and really lives the lifestyle she espouses. Moreover, she is an amazing teacher concerning essential oils - always informative, fun and practical! She helps others jump on the train to better health and she glows! She absolutely walks her talk! Whether you need individual support or love to learn in a class, you will be so glad you’ve joined her in learning more about health and wellness."

Darlene N.

"Working with Leslie has been wonderful. She is an inspiring mentor and friend. Her knowledge of essential oils and holistic lifestyle, has been priceless to me in both my personal life and in my business. Leslie continues to offer informative and exciting classes at her beautiful business; Oils Inspire Life! I will keep attending Leslie’s classes, as they are always thoughtful, insightful, and offered in a peaceful setting. I highly recommend any class at Oils Inspire Life."

Sharon H.

"The education given by Leslie Blasche Runco is so important to get a person on the road to a better and healthier lifestyle. Learning should be a lifelong goal."

Deb M.

"Leslie is awesome! I have learned so much about doTERRA essential oils from her and the classes she offers."

James B.

"Working with Leslie and the other wonderful people affiliated with her has been such a blessing in so many ways. Leslie and her husband Dave have been incredibly helpful to me in getting my health and life moving in the right direction. Leslie has a wealth of knowledge to share with you to improve your life inside and out. Love this place!"

Mary S.

"Leslie Runco and DoTERRA Oils has changed my life. From vitamins,facial care,diffusing and cleaning products and so much more. I would have never known that I could take Lemongrass and Juniper Berry to lower my cholesterol 20 points in 6 Months!! So many health benefits!! Leslie’s prior office and her beautiful new office is amazing!! Do yourself a favor and check out these wonderful oils ! There is an Oil for that !!"

Carole K-M.

"This is a great place with an enthusiastic, well informed owner- Leslie will teach you how to use oils to take care of your health needs."