First time offered in the United States!

Oils Inspire Life OIL First time offered in the United States!


I am so freakin’ excited!!! Oh my!! I have been waiting for Manuka and Litsea oil to be available in the United States and for the month of August it is available to us for FREE!!! Yes!! FREE!! With a purchase of 200 pv (product value) in the month of August, you will get these 2 gems absolutely FREE!!! What do you use them for? Well let me tell you!

Manuka is used to help relax and comfort you mood. We all need that! Ha, I need that daily! It also promotes courage and inner strength. And it can help keep the skin clean and clear while helping reduce appearances of blemishes. 


Litsea can promote clear breathing and support a healthy respiratory system. You can add to  a spray bottle with some water and cleanse surfaces and refresh the air in your home or office. Litsea can also help reduce the appearances of blemishes. You can take Litsea internally to help calm muscles. And it may help promote healthy cardiovascular, immune, nervous and respiratory systems. 


Let’s get you started with a kit that will help support the health and wellness of you and your family and get these 2 amazing oils for free.