Feb 21 2017

You CAN Make Money While You Sleep!!

Do you want to make your own schedule? Do you want to have time to do the things you want to do? Do you want to spend more time with you family and friends? Do you want to be a stay at home Mom or Dad? Do you want to learn how you can retire […]

Jan 02 2017

2017 is here!!

  The product of the month for January is WILD ORANGE!! Yay!! I love this oil! You can use it so many different ways! Wild Orange has multiple health benefits and an energizing aroma that can uplift the mind and body, Wild Orange has become one of doTERRA’s top selling essential oils.  Use in an all-purpose spray […]

Dec 30 2016

Reflecting on 2016

  The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and in the quiet, I reflect on how blessed I am. This has been a heck of a year! I have had so many great moments and some sad ones, but that paints the picture for everyone.   My greatest moments in 2016 were spending […]

Nov 29 2016

November 2016 Promotions

  November is here!!! So are the holiday parties and the get togethers and eating all the yummy (but not necessarily healthy) food!! There is no better time to take advantage of these 2 promotions! PB Assist+ is a great Probiotic to help you with healthy digestion and maintain healthy intestinal microflora balance. It also supports […]

Nov 29 2016

Time to Detox!

Lemon is one of my daily oils ! I take it internally! It is a great detox for your liver! I also use Lemon to clean with. I mix vinegar, water and about 10 drops of lemon in a glass spray bottle and spritz on my countertops and bathrooms! I love the fresh smell!! Try some today!

Nov 29 2016

Keep Your Body Healthy Now!

  It is hard to believe that one month ago today, I was holding my dear sister’s hand before our Lord took Lynne home. God had bigger plans for you and maybe one day I will understand why he took you home at such a young age. Lynne was only 58. Her little body was riddled […]

Nov 29 2016


  Sitting on top of the mountain, breathing the pure air really humbles me. I realize how amazing our God is and how small I am! I love being in Utah! The city is so clean and the people are always so welcoming! I am so blessed to be a part of this whole experience […]

Nov 29 2016

Back to Reality!

  Summer vacation is ready to be over. The kids are going back to school or YOU are going back to school!!! The fall season is ready to start and with that comes all kinds of schedules and appointments and the hustle and bustle of daily life! Balance oil is a grounding blend! Personally, I use it […]

Nov 29 2016

My Passion

  My passion is spreading the word about the health benefits of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essentials oils! I love talking with people who are excited about Holistic Health and Wellness! I had a great time at the Health and Wellness event that I attending today! To learn more about Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential […]

Nov 29 2016

Serenity to the Rescue!!

  With all the fireworks and poppers going off this weekend, I have reached for my Serenity many times!! It works like a charm to calm down my pup! I put 2 drops in my hands and rub it down his back and then I rub my hands on the bottom of all 4 of […]